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Destroyed Edit & Instant Recognition.

Ode to Everyone.

Good for the Planet.

Distinctiveness & Craftsmanship.

Destroyed Edit and Instant Recognition

Basique brings its signature destroyed design to life through weapons of fearless self-expression. Every collection reinterprets classic codes through a new perspective and breaks the rules of beauty. From its beginning, it has been synonymous with brave-elegance, freedom & rebellion. Basique's real appeal is souced in its instant recognition. No one else does what we do. Any jewelry enthusiast can easily tell us apart from other brands.

Ode to Everyone

A celebration of that unique spirit and passion that lies in each one of us, setting our own path. An invitation to unleash your own creativity, crafting your own perfection. #BASIQUEGIRLS is a state of mind, an attitude more than a way of dressing. The universal appeal of Basique—and why people love these staples with a sense of free spirit—is that, at its baseline, it is democratic in its inspiration. Everyone is welcome.

Good for the Planet

We're not perfect but we're committed to making better choices every day. Every act counts. Since September 2021, 100% of our silver collections are made from certified recycled sterling silver and since 2022, 92% of our brass collections are made from certified recycled brass. We use 100% recyclable packaging and our package is biodegradable. We produce limited-edition drops instead of overproducing- we'll only create more if they are needed.

Distinctiveness and Craftsmanship

The timelessness of hand-craft, with miao silver heritage at the core, meets classic silhouettes and signature destroyed design, creating chic and cool jewelry pieces that are coveted by the fashion set worldwide. With their handcrafting comes a limited number of handmade jewelry. It’s pretty obvious that even the pieces with the same design won’t be completely look-alike as handmade products can never resemble each other 100%.

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Explore our reimagined classics, with breaking-the-codes DNA, signature destroyed design and fearless self-expression.

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