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RORO was born in Ya 'an, which is billed as the throat of Sichuan and Tibet, China. She has dreamed of becoming a dancer since childhood. In 2013, a sudden earthquake of magnitude 7 struck Ya 'an. In critical condition, RORO was forced to jump from upstairs, resulting in multiple comminuted fractures of her right ankle. This jump directly shattered her dancing dream, and the doctor told her that even after recovery, the sequela would make her unable to walk normally.

In 2014, RORO traveled to the United States for a long and painful rehabilitation. Fortunately, multi-cultural inclusion empower her. RORO began to learn painting in the hospital room. She tried to draw her unfinished dream with a paintbrush, and designed exquisite jewelry for the dancers in her painting. Also in this way, she made more friends of different colors and races in the wards. Gradually, RORO started to view the world from different angles and accept herself again.

Break it. Redefine it. In honor of the experience, RORO designed herself a ring in the shape of a scar on her leg, which is her coolest symbol in her eyes. Meanwhile, RORO realized that incorporating heart and emotion into jewelry is the best way to express attitude.

In 2019, RORO founded Basique, from daily necessities to fashion-forward pieces, with the signature breaking-the-code DNA, and using exquisite craftsmanship to create jewelry with both elegance and boldness. She hopes that everyone can dare to break the rules and express themselves confidently and bravely.


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