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New Collection: Push the Boundaries

To encourage people to go further by daring to play with the rules of society and rooted in a sense of how we would like to live, we launch the new collection named "Push the Boundaries", which encompasses our signature breaking-the-codes DNA.

“Push the Boundaries” reinterprets aesthetic codes through a fresh perspective and a new sense of modernity, to empower women of all ages, races, figures and social roles to unleash their personal potential.

Check out the collection now about the spark of inspiration, creation process and stylish guide.

A Spark of Inspiration

The collection features an exclusive “rip and tear” design, symbolizing pushing the boundaries to craft our own perfection.

As we know, among billions of women in the world, only a staggering 78% of us feel we need to look a certain way to succeed, while 65% wish the media did a better job of portraying women of different ages, races, figures and social roles.

With the recognition of today’s seismic cultural shift, we bring our attitude to life through weapons of fearless self-expression. The “rip and tear” style and contrasting colors of these rings, inspired by those who have the courage to stand out, call to mind the possibilities and passion that lies in each one of us, to go further, to go beyond the norms and expectations.

Creation Process
An interview is made with the design supervisor, to learn more about the process behind the innovative pieces.

Liz: It’s actually a subversive creation this time, right? Could you tell us more about the design, such as the challenges you have met?

Yichun: Yes. To present the strength to the fullest, we keep trying to break the silhouette of the classic band rings. How to reach the balance between bravery and elegance can be the top issue for our team from sketching to designing. The other unprecedented challenge is to make a natural and vivid design of the iconic “rip and tear” detail.

Liz: Such tricky problems. What about the production process?

Yichun: Yes, we’ve adjusted and modified the pieces many times, in order to make a version that is satisfied by the whole team as an iconic piece.

Liz: How many times, can you remember?

Yichun: About 6 times in all, to adjust the irregular edges and colors to the best. We want to make a breakthrough in color by specialized electroplating and also narrow the gap of the crystals set in to make them more centralized and have a brighter shine. Also, we use magnetic polishing for a more textured finish. We ensure that every single design goes through a rigorous 5-step testing process by our in-house team so that everyone can wear it worry-free.

Stylish Guide

Get inspired by the stylish guide, pick the rings on “Push the Boundaries” for your stack to create a style of bravery and elegance, reaching balance.

Shop Rings on Push the Boundaries

7 distinctive rings on “Push the Boundaries” are provided. By choosing the piece for a unique statement, you will end up falling in love.

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